1956 Bel Air 4 door, complete ground up restoration
1970 Triumph TR6
1962 Mercedes Benz 300SL
A few months after completion, the owner asked me to photograph him as the christmas grinch whipping his three daughters into near flight for the family christmas card for 2007. It came out just as he had envisioned...the car too!
1965 Corvette. The owner was complaining of it being too slow with the original 300 HP engine and powerglide. So we built a 450HP engine and installed a 3 speed automatic, added side pipes, rebuilt the entire suspension and brake systems and redid the interior, dash, gauages and top.
1967 Jaguar XKE
A very significant example of a famous marque. This 1963 Mercedes benz 300SL is one of the last ever built. We did a complete frame off restoration on this one. First place show winner first time out.
A 1956 Ford Sunliner we did for a local Fed Ex pilot. Beautiful color combo with the engine rebuilt along with all the suspension and brakes.
A rotisserie restoration on a 1970 Superbird. The second owner had put the car in storage where it stayed for nearly 20 years. Matching numbers car, 440 4 speed, bench seat, 8 track tape player, build sheet!
1963 Volkwagon Beetle
1971 Datsun
Ford Galaxy Ragtop. Another quick turnaround car. This car was in and out in just about 4 months. Rusty wheel arches and sail panel replaced with new metal and finished in a stunning fire engine red color. The owner is very pleased. Talk about a kid in a candy shop! Good thing he's happy too..he's my dentist!
1971 Datsun
1979 Firebird we restored for the original owner here in colorado springs. the car had lived most of its life in Texas where the paint really took a beating. It looks like new now.
1955 Austin Healey BN1
1955 Austin Healey BN2. Started in February and finished in June! This one just returned from a very successful Copper State 1000 rally along with the 1955 Triumph TR2 we restored last year.
1954 Austin Healey BN1
1965 Ford Galaxie Ragtop
Complete restoration on a George Barris creation, the Guitar Car.
Another restoration for the meyer Collection, Denver, Colorado.
Frame off restoration on a formerly VERY rusty 1958 Dodge Stepside pick up. Alan Gentz Collection, Colorado.
Full restoration on a Jaguar XK 140, Denver, Colorado.
Full restoration on a 1967 XKE for a Canadian customer.
The "Nor Cal terror" Shelby GT350 race car from the Hogan collection, Denver, Colrado.
An award winning frame off restoration on a 1956 Bel Air convertible for the Boen Collection, Denver, Colorado.
Another frame off restoration for the Ficco Collection, Denver, Colorado. This one a very rare 1960 jaguar XK150S.
Another 1962 T-Bird sport roadster for our friend, Eric, a cop in Brooklyn.
Full restoration on a Jaguar MK IX.
Full rotiserrie restoration on a 1963 XKE roadster for and by the owner, Jim Verhey.
Complete restoration, 1966 Mustang convertible for and by the owner, Jim Verhey.
Extensive rust repair and complete paint and chrome on an early 220S cabriolet.
Full frame up restoration on a 1973 Eldorado Convertible for and by the owner, Jim Verhey
A very original 2 owner 1957 Bel Air ragtop, complete frame off restoration
Frame off restoration on a 1955 T-Bird.
Engine rebuild on a rare early Lincoln.
Complete mechanical rebuild along with full leather interior. dick Kates Memorial Car collection, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Engine detail of XKE roadster..."Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."
Midnight Black restoration on a 1967 XKE coupe, denver, Colorado.
1962 XKE, engine rebuild, complete interior and top.
Interior of 1965 XKE roadster, now in the Mathews Collection, Denver, Colorado.
1950 XK120 roadster, full frame off restoration for the Les Shapiro Memorial Collection.
1966 XKE Coupe, Denver, Colorado.
Pontiac Catalina ragtop for {and by} the owner, Jim Verhey.
Complete frame off restoration, 1956 T-Bird, now residing in Beverly Hills, california.
1967 XKE roadster, rotisserie restoration, now residing in Ohio.
Datsun 2000 sport roadster, engine and mechanical restoration.
Pontiac Lemans convertible color change for Colorado owner.
1956 bel Air, full frame off restoration for the Tim Myer's collection.
1955 Bel Air restoration completed for a Colorado owner.
1955 Bel Air restoration completed for a Colorado owner.
1966 AC Cobra race car, from the Hogan Collection.
1956 Cadillac Biaritz, frame off restoration for Ficco Collection.
Frame off restoration of 1949 Buick 4 door, Denver, Colorado.
Chevrolet Street rod, Jaguar front end adapted for Ficco Collection.
1958 Cevy in Anniversary Gold, full restoration, Denver, Colorado.
1965 Austin Healey 3000 restored for a customer from Puerto Rico, now residing in Vail, Colorado.
1966 Mustang fastback, full restoration now residing in Scottsdale, Arizona.
AMX fastback, complete restoration, Denver, Colorado.
1967 Porsche 911 2 litre race car, maintained for Denver owner.
1966 Mustang ground up restoration.
AMX fastback, complete restoration, Denver, Colorado.
1968 XKE coupe, restoration completed for Hogan collection.
1958 devin SS racecar, maintained for race use by ReinCARnation.
1965 Mustang ground up restoration, currently in the collection of Mike Naughton Ford.
1966 Chevy malibu, cosmetic restoration.
Tim Myer's "Christine" look-alike, full body and paint.
1958 Chevrolet Impala 2 door hardtop, complete frame off restoration, one of three performed for the same collector.
1955 Bel Air convertible, frame-off restoration.
1955 T-Bird, Body and paint in Raven Black.
1966 Pontiac GTO complete cosmetic restoration.
1967 Jaguar XKE roadster, ground up restoration.